Balanced Screen Time for Kids

Support your kid’s well-being and intellectual growth by keeping the screen time within healthy limits and filled with learning activities.

Ensuring kids' well-being and
intellectual growth in the virtual world.

Better psychological well-being
Protecting your kid from excessive screen time prevents anxiety and lack of sleep.
Improved cognitive abilities
Nutritious learning content helps to keep your kid’s brain active and developing.
Parents with peace of mind
Our goal is to make your kid’s time spent in the mobile world safe and meaningful.
Screen time assistant
hoopy protects your kid from excessive screen time and keeps the balance between valuable and entertaining activities.
Learning environment
hoopy engages your kid with learning activities based on her interests and the level of knowledge in different subjects.
Overview for parents
Manage your kid's screen time and follow her learning progress from your own device. hoopy Parent is available on Android and iOS.

What parents are saying

“Best solution for managing our child’s screen-time! We tried many others but this is the first one that was easy to set up, and most importantly... it is easy to use!”
Sarah M. from Austin
“Great app! Really love the idea that smartphone can be useful learning tool instead of gaming console.”
David R. from Seattle
“This app solves all of our struggles! I was afraid to give my 9 years old his first phone until I found this app. Love the automated controls and limitations.”
Alicia C. from San Francisco

Be a better parent. Effortlessly.

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We keep your kid’s screen time within healthy limits and filled with learning.